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Kam's (often referred to as "Skams") is the one of, if not the most, popular bars on the Urbana-Champaign campus.

The dark blue and orange facade of the one-story building is commonly lined with trash and dirt. The bar has been chastised for being the dirtiest of all campus bars, but no official award has ever been bestowed (C.O. Daniel's, Station 211, and The Clybourne all commonly rank among the perceived "most disgusting" bars on campus). While walking past the building, one can commonly smell a sour smell often associated with French Quarter vomit and urine, mixed with the funk of week-old liquor.

The interior of the bar is divided into a few major areas: the front entrance, which often lays claim to the I.D. checker, popcorn machine, and promotional booths; the bar area, often surrounded by sorority girls from nearby sororities (e.g. Kappa Alpha Theta or Chi Omega) and their accompanying "macking" male friends; the dart area to the right; the raised seating area to the left; and the dance floor in the far-left corner of the bar. There is a basement to the bar, which is often used for social events for clubs and Greek organizations. During the warmer months of the year, a "beer garden" with picnic tables opens from the West side of the bar.

In 2004, during the NCAA March Madness (in which Illinois placed 2nd overall), Kam's installed large LCD TVs around the inside perimeter of the bar. It was the first major renovation to Kam's in the history of time.

It is a common campus story that Kam's is listed as one of the top 10 bars in Playboy and other lists. This may or may not be true, though Hugh Hefner graduated from the University with a degree in psychology before starting Playboy.

Kam's is owned by fat Champaign resident Eric Meyer, not to be confused with journalism professor Eric Meyer. On occasion, Mr. Meyer will send a mass e-mail to the presidents of all of the University's registered student organizations promoting a binge drinking event.

Kam's is at 618 E. Daniel St. in Champaign, IL, next door to Silver Mine Subs, Subway, and C.O. Daniel's bar. It is across Daniel Street from the Psychology Building.

The bar underwent renovations in summer 2008.